Our Sustainable Promise

We take our responsibility for the environment that we live in seriously, and aim to contribute to social improvement in everything we do. Sustainable practice and ecological considerations form an integral part of our company's ethos.

We operate a sawmill enterprise and two timber drying kilns on our site. This lets us take a ‘tree to table’ approach to production – meaning we possess absolute traceability of the timber we use in our products.

Our logs are bought from sustainably managed forests, and we request felling licences for our timber where applicable. For a removal of over five tonnes of timber, a felling licence obtained from The Forestry Commision ensures that a re-planting plan is in place. Through responsible sourcing, we also aim to support other local businesses and forest owners.

In 2018, we developed a prototype solar kiln with Dr Ulrich Loening. The kiln runs entirely on Solar power and can dry fresh sawn timber down to a moisture content of 10%. We are constantly developing and imagining new ways of bettering our industry through sustainable practice – enhancing the beauty of our final products in the process.