A collective of skilled craftspeople

Our History

Born out of a desire to create objects that resonate through the tactile nature of making things by hand, our workshop began in 2010. Since then, the company has seen a decade of steady growth – and is now a collective of eight skilled craftspeople. Headed up by Malcolm Mack, whose interests lie at the junction between craft, design and production, we commit to responsible and sustainable design principles throughout the making process.

Always progressing and improving, we’ve honed our skills and offerings over the years – focusing on exceeding expectations with every installation, and creating an environment where our people thrive.

We’re a collective of hard-working designers and makers. Every person at Angus+Mack was brought on for their practical abilities, expertise and team approach. We take our work seriously – ourselves, less so.

Our Makers

Malcolm Owner, Maker + Designer

Hailing from a farming background and with a Masters degree in furniture and product design, Malcolm has been at the helm of Angus+Mack from day one. He has never stopped enjoying the challenges of running a small, specialist manufacturing business in Scotland – and the opportunity to work with people who are passionate about the natural and built environment.

Manu Designer

As a professional photographer, Manu turns his eye for detail and meticulous nature to develop the products and systems in our workshop. His career in woodworking started as a workshop manager in Brazil.

Hamish Maker

Hamish can often be found in the workshop out of hours, developing ideas and undertaking personal projects. Previously a web designer, he retrained to pursue a career in woodworking – and we’re glad he did.

Jim Maker

Jim brings a wealth of experience to Angus+Mack, gained from all over the UK. His fresh ideas and techniques in the workshop are always put to good use.

Daryll Designer

With a background in architecture, Daryll is an experienced multi-tasker and the main point of contact for all our clients and their design teams. In his spare time, he enjoys eurythmy and growing potatoes.

Charlie Maker

Charlie has over eight years experience – starting as an apprentice in 2012, his attention to detail and problem solving skills are an asset to the team – as is his cool head in busy times.

Guss Apprentice Maker

Guss has made an excellent addition to the team, with great enthusiasm to learn and progress. He always brings a sense of optimism, wearing shorts all year round.

Sol Dog

The true hero of the group. Sol follows in the paw prints of several workshop dogs who, over the years, have added an extra playfulness into everyday life at the workshop.