Black walnut stair and balconies for a modernist new build home in Linlithgow.

Job. 1548

Residential. Brief: Staircase. Style: Linlithgow.

This project showcases one of the first iterations of our popular Linlithgow stair design. This classic structure incorporates a straight flight stair, with monolithic black walnut treads. The engineered birch ply stringer creates a rigid and super-light structure – allowing the staircase to float effortlessly. Glass is attached with steel bolts to provide a polished finish, while the handrail forms a single continuous line throughout the stairwell.

Location. Linlithgow, West Lothian

Wood. Black Walnut, Birch Ply

Material. Low Iron Toughened Glass

Finish. OSMO Clear Satin


Photography. Paul T Cowan


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